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*A pho boat on Mekong river

      Hello food lovers

      As we all know every cuisine of a country is base on a great length of its history, religion, geography... Vietnamese cuisine is not different. The country was being governed by a series of Chinese dynasties for over 1,000 years and later was being colonized by French for nearly a century. Much loss and few gain during these times, but one thing in certainty a wonderful gain is what made Vietnamese food a special cuisine today. We got Pho from Chinese noodle soup and Banh mi from French baguette. Also, the tropical climate provides a perfect to grow rice and coconut trees, thus you see lot of rice dishes on the dinner tables and the used of coconut in almost all of the deserts.  

     As for our little Vietnamese food store, our goal is to keeping up with the tradition of the cuisine, we are using the freshest produce and try to eliminate as much oil in our cooking as we can to bring to your table the most healthiest meal possible. We're really passionate about what we do.

     All being said, it would be a great joy for all of us if you have a chance to come to dine with us.

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